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Experience the joy of making beautiful art with fabric, thread & mixed media

Guided by the world's most inspiring textile artists.
In a community united by a shared love of stitch.

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Stitch Club is a safe creative space...

Where you can thrive by experimenting with embroidery & mixed media.

Whether you’re already making textile art on a regular basis...

Or you haven’t picked up a needle and thread since you were a child.

Stitch your Story student quotes

Jane's stitch story

Jane had been stitching for about 60 years and had even taught City & Guilds Embroidery. But despite her technical skill, she felt something was lacking.

"I didn't know how to express myself with stitch or how to initiate my own ideas.

But Stitch Club has transformed how I feel about what I do. After the first workshop I looked at what I'd made and thought, 'Did I really do that?'

With each new project, my confidence grows. I finally feel I can call myself a textile artist."

Jane Cook

Stitch your Story student quotes

Mieke's stitch story

Mieke admired stitched artwork but had never plucked up the courage to make anything herself.

"I joined Stitch Club to push myself and to my delight, I am fascinated by working with textiles.

I can't believe how inspired I feel and how much I've learned about backgrounds, using colour, analysing what works and what doesn't.

This is so much more than just a hobby for me now."

Mieke Lockefeer

Inside Stitch Club

The Stitch Club experience

A subscription to Stitch Club offers you the opportunity to:

  • Nurture your creativity with online workshops from inspirational textile artists
  • Expand your stitch vocabulary with exciting new techniques for making beautiful artwork
  • Embrace a playful, experimental process with clear but flexible guidelines
  • Build creative confidence – stitch by stitch – with feedback from your workshop leaders
  • Share your adventure with a supportive & stimulating community of stitchers from all over the world
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Linda's stitch story

Linda hadn't felt creative for a long time.

"Stitch Club has given me a way to express myself I never even knew existed.

I have rediscovered a lost love of textile art and discovered that the only limits are the ones I put on myself."

Linda Page

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Rachael's stitch story

Rachael lives in an isolated area of the UK, so travelling to in-person workshops is very expensive.

"Stitch Club changed my life! It is exposing me to top class teaching I could never access otherwise.

I'm discovering my own distinctive stitch footprint."

Rachael Margeson

What does your membership include?

Stitch Club library

Your workshop library

New workshops are added to Stitch Club every two weeks, each led by a different celebrated textile artist.

Plus our library of over 25 workshops from the archive gives you access to world-class tuition in an array of hand stitch and mixed media techniques, processes and styles.

Abstract, figurative, sculptural, collaged, mixed media... you’ll discover the possibilities are endless!

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Workshop materials

Every workshop includes:

  • An in-depth tutorial video to guide you in the creation of a unique piece of textile art made in your own creative voice
  • A step-by-step workbook to set out a clear pathway for your process from conception to finished piece
  • An inspirational ebook showcasing art made by your workshop leader to spark your imagination
  • A tools & materials list sent in advance so you’re ready to start stitching (No fancy equipment required!)
  • A further development video with options to expand your exploration of ideas, themes & techniques

Guidance & feedback

Your workshop leaders are on hand to answer your questions via video message every day for two weeks after their workshop is posted.

That means you'll have the chance to share in the passion and expertise of two world-renowned textile artists every single month!

The Stitch Club community

Sharing your textile art adventure with your fellow Stitch Club members gives you access to: 

  • A supportive and creatively engaged community who are always on hand with feedback and advice
  • An ever-expanding gallery of inspirational work created by stitchers from all over the world
  • A creative hub where you can share your work and bounce ideas around with like-minded people
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Stitch your Story student quotes

"Stitch Club has created an environment that is so warm and welcoming, so supportive and kind and non-judgemental, that people feel safe to pour their hearts out. 

What a strange and wonderful phenomenon. It’s the most surprising and beautiful benefit of Stitch Club."

Christine Peterson

Stitch your Story student quotes

"The access to such amazing practitioners just blows me away. The exploration of materials, textures and colours, has been an exciting journey into the unknown.

The well-supported and encouraging environment creates a ‘give it a go’ mindset. Mistakes and risks are encouraged, which enables me to expand on my skills, and use my artistic license to have fun with my outcomes."

Lisa Bennett

Upcoming Stitch Club workshops

Meet your stitch mentors

World-class tuition in your own home, led by a variety of internationally renowned textile artists you might never get to meet in-person.

Click the button below to discover which textile artists will be leading new workshops in your first few months of membership...

Plus which inspiring techniques and processes you'll have the opportunity to add to your repertoire.

Go to the Stitch Club calendar
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“I always thought that my desire to experiment first and think about the final work later was a character flaw. I now realise I've been paying attention to the wrong voices!

At 77 years, Stitch Club has introduced me to people who teach what I want to learn – who actively encourage experimentation as a way to develop .

I appreciate that the teachers help folks find their own voice and their own way to use the techniques.”

Betty Warner

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“The tutors have all been amazing: warm, generous and inspiring. But Merill Comeau’s workshop was ‘the moment' for me.

I sacrificed some of my very fine silk fabric and sari silk ribbon from my precious stash. The resulting botanical-inspired collage turned into a major work for me.

For the first time ever in my creative life, I had a powerful emotional connection to what I was making.”

Christine Peterson

Your Stitch Club = Your rules

Selecting threads

Your pace

Stitch Club has been built to fit in with your busy life.

There's no such thing as ‘falling behind’ because there are no deadlines, which means you can do the workshops at your own pace, in your own time.

And even if you can only find pockets of time, isn’t doing something creative better than doing nothing at all?

Tools & materials

Your choice

Stitch Club isn’t a course. It's a club with a library of over 25 workshops from the archive to explore, with a new tutorial added every two weeks.

And just as you wouldn’t feel obliged to read every book in a traditional library, you shouldn’t feel obliged to take part in every workshop in Stitch Club.

You can dip in and out, choose the exercises that excite you most and take a break when you need it.

Stitch your Story student quotes

"Before I joined I was worried about ‘keeping up’ because I like having time to reflect.

The structure of Stitch Club has helped me learn (and I am still learning!) how to focus and concentrate on one project at a time."

Johanna Bristol

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"The time I have available varies hugely therefore the flexibility of Stitch Club is perfect.

I follow the principle of 'the right pace is my pace'. I can watch the videos when it suits me and am able to go back to them as I please.

I don’t do every single workshop but I do store up techniques for when I am working on my own projects."

Pamela Bristow

Your practice

Your practice

Without a specific project it’s easy to let your creativity slip to the bottom of your ‘To do’ list.

With only a vague sense of what you want to make and how you want to make it, motivation can dwindle quickly.

Inside Stitch Club you’ll get clear but flexible guidelines to give you that gentle nudge to start stitching...and keep going with a regular creative practice.

Selection of threads

Your level

Stitch Club workshops are not follow-along embroidery tutorials – every member's outcome is personal to them.

The teaching is designed with flexibility in mind.

If you’re an absolute beginner, you'll feel empowered and included.

If you're a more experienced stitcher, advanced options for exploration keep you motivated and challenged.

Stitch your Story student quotes

"In the past I’ve had a tendency to overthink my creative process and procrastinate, but the regularity of the workshops has helped me just get on with it.

The flexibility of the guidelines means it's my choice how much I push myself out of my comfort zone."

Jane Cook

Stitch your Story student quotes

"The variety of Stitch Club has challenged me to explore mediums I might never have tried .

Lots of the workshops instantly appeal, but the ones I'm hesitant about surprise me most.

These new discoveries are really informing and influencing the development of my work."

Jane Varrall

Stitch Club

Your private members area

  • The Stitch Club private members area is where you'll get all of your workshop materials, ask questions, post images, get feedback and chat with your fellow stitchers.
  • We've made the platform as streamlined and easy to navigate as possible. 
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"I was apprehensive at the start as I am not computer savvy and wondered if I would cope.

However,  whenever I have had queries the TextileArtist.org team have made it easy for me to understand what I need to do ."

Sue Archer

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"Stitch Club is organised in an exceptionally professional and accessible way. 

All bases are covered."

Ruth Lozano

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Getting started

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Today we're offering you the chance to be part of a passionate family of stitchers and learn from the world’s most exciting textile artists for the subscription price of just £29 a month.

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Cancel any time

If you join today, you’ll only pay £29 per month for as long as you're a Stitch Club member (even if the subscription price goes up in the future).

But you’re not tied in. If you find that Stitch Club isn’t the right fit for you, no worries. You’re free to cancel your subscription at any time.

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Creative value

To do an in-person class with any of our workshop leaders would cost you at least the same as five month's membership to Stitch Club.

In that five months you'll get 10 brand new workshops plus access to a varied library of selected archive workshops.

So even if you don't choose to do every Stitch Club workshop, there’s enormous creative value to be had. 

Stitch your Story student quotes

"Stitch Club is excellent value for money.

There is no way I would be able to afford to attend workshops by the tutors we have had.

So far I have not had to buy any materials as everything needed has been easy to source."

Vicki Briggs

Stitch your Story student quotes

"Stitch Club is worth every penny.

I love the fact that I’m being exposed to the work, ideas and techniques of artists from around the world.

Stitch Club is opening up a whole new world of ideas for me."

Penny Christie

About TextileArtist.org

The Stitch Club story

How it all began

In case you don’t know us, we’re brothers Joe and Sam Pitcher and our mum is textile artist Sue Stone.

After decades of not being creative, mum gave herself the most wonderful gift. She reconnected with the stitch techniques she learned as a little girl sitting on her mother’s knee sewing clothes for her dolls.

Making textile art gave mum a new lease of life, which inspired us to create TextileArtist.org back in 2012.

Artist's workspace

Light in the darkness

When the pandemic hit in 2020, in-person stitch workshops were cancelled and embroidery groups put on hold.

We felt compelled to reach out to the textile art community, many of whom were completely isolated. 

In collaboration with some incredibly talented artists (including mum) we put together the Community Stitch Challenge. For seven weeks we posted online workshops every Monday, each one exploring a different way to create textile art.

Hand stitched textile art

A stitch family was born

Creative people from all over the world came together.

Like Diane...

"The community you have created is an incubator for bringing out the best in everyone. My heart is full!"

And Lyn...

"A hugely positive focus in challenging times. The community of stitchers involved are generous, supportive and enriching!"

And Christine...

“Along came COVID, bringing with it lockdown, fear and isolation… but Joe and Sam did something no one else seemed to be doing.  They gave me a sense of connection and a feeling that things would get better. It was a light in the darkness of those cold days.”

And, from the seeds of the Community Stitch Challenge, has grown Stitch Club.

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"I have been surprised by how much I am enjoying stitching without a pattern or rules! No one is judging me.

I am learning new techniques and stitches every week from the Stitch Club workshops as well as from other members sharing their work."

Jo Robinson

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"I have often researched textile art on the internet and would stare in amazement at the beautiful and inspired work I saw. But I had no idea how to start making myself.

Stitch Club has helped me understand that, with the right guidance, even a newbie stitcher like myself can express themselves in an artistic way through textiles."

Linda Florio

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  • Two exciting new stitch workshops every month
  • Your questions answered by world-renowned artists
  • Inspirational community of passionate stitchers
  • Guaranteed fixed subscription price of £29 a month as long as you're a member
  • Library of amazing stitch resources

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