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Self study stitch & mixed media

Inspirational workshops in your own time, at your own pace.

Hand stitcher at work

Experience the joy of making beautiful art with fabric, thread & mixed media.

Expand your stitch vocabulary with exciting new techniques and processes from world-class textile artists.

Embrace a playful, experimental process with clear but flexible guidelines.

Your practice

Our self study stitch workshops include:

  • An easy to follow, in-depth tutorial video to guide you in the creation of a unique piece of textile art made in your own creative voice
  • A step-by-step workbook to set out a clear pathway for your process from conception to finished piece
  • An inspirational ebook showcasing art made by your workshop leader to spark your imagination
  • A tools & materials list so you’re ready to start stitching
  • A further development video with options to expand your exploration of ideas, themes & techniques
Getting started

And more...

  • A PDF demonstrating a diverse array of outcomes from past workshop participants to inspire you to push your creative boundaries
  • Two question and answer replay videos from the artist’s time in Stitch Club so you can deepen your understanding of the processes covered
  • A forum to share your results with your fellow stitchers and take a sneak peek at what they’ve been making
  • Access to a stitch technique library so you can brush up on the basics and check out any embroidery technique mentioned in the workshop in more detail

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