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Frequently asked questions

  • Why can’t we just keep going with TextileArtist.org’s free Community Stitch Challenge?

We started the free Community Stitch Challenge at the beginning of lockdown and your enthusiasm and appreciation meant that it was one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve ever had at TextileArtist.org.

But it isn’t possible for us to keep the free stitch challenge going indefinitely.

To bring such experienced tutors to you on a weekly basis takes a considerable investment of time and money. And TextileArtist.org can only survive if we cover our costs.

Unfortunately, the reasons we set up the Community Stitch Challenge haven’t gone away. The sad truth is we’re a long way from life resembling anything close to ‘normal’. There is little chance of in-person workshops or creative group meetups happening for a long while to come yet.

So we’ve been asking ourselves how we can help you nurture your creativity and stay connected with your fellow stitchers in a more meaningful way now and in the longer term.

The result is the TextileArtist.org Stitch Club.

  • What’s different about the TextileArtist.org Stitch Club to the free Community Stitch Challenge?

The positive feedback we received for the free Community Stitch Challenge inspired us to create the TextileArtist.org Stitch Club.

The free Stitch Challenge was limited to five weeks (which we extended to seven weeks due to demand) whereas your membership to the Stitch Club is ongoing. You can be a member for as long as you’re enjoying the experience.

You’ll have access to three new textile art workshops every month led by respected artists from all over the world.

That means you’ll open yourself up to a more diverse and exciting approach to working with textiles and embroidery, build momentum and consistency in your stitch practice and share the creative journey with an international family of stitchers.

Can you imagine how exciting and enjoyable that could be? And the positive impact it could have on your process?

But remember there’s absolutely no pressure to keep your membership going. If you find that Stitch Club no longer suits you, all you need to do is cancel your subscription before your monthly direct debit goes out.

And you can always cancel one month and come back at a later date if you wish.

On top of everything you loved in the free Community Stitch Challenge we're making the following upgrades:

  • Two live Q&As each week (instead of just one) so that you can attend wherever you are in the world - available on Facebook and inside the private members area on TextileArtist.org
  • Replays of the Q&As available to all members
  • An off-Facebook members area hosted on TextileArtist.org so you can have the same experience of community and creativity in a calmer, less cluttered environment
  • A new inspirational ebook every week featuring art made by your workshop leaders
  • A more organised Facebook group that is easier to navigate
  • More in-depth tuition from your workshop leaders in the video including demos and ideas for further development
  • A more comprehensive workbook to have by your side as you stitch

  • Do I have to be on Facebook to be part of Stitch Club?

The short answer is ‘no’.

The Facebook group for Stitch Club is one option for accessing the workshop materials and chatting to your workshop leaders and fellow stitchers.

But we’ve also designed a members area hosted on our own site where you can see the workshop videos, download workbooks and Inspirational ebooks, get in touch with your workshop leader and the other members, post images of the work you create and access the live Q&A sessions.

In your first week of membership we’ll give you a guided tour of both the Facebook group and the members area so you can decide which one suits you best.

  • How do I know that being part of the TextileArtist.org Stitch Club will suit me?

If you enjoyed the free challenges, this is going to be an upgraded version.

As a founding member, your input will be invaluable. We want to build this with you and for you! So we’ll be encouraging you to let us know how Stitch Club can be honed to suit your needs.

Plus, if you find that the Stitch Club isn’t giving you what you expected or you just want to take a break for a while, there’s no obligation. You can cancel your membership at any time and rejoin later down the line.

  • I don’t think online stitch workshops will ever be as satisfying as the in-person experience

Running the free Community Stitch Challenge has confirmed some lessons we learned when we created two courses with mum. Online learning for textile art actually has lots of advantages.

In-person workshops are time-limited and can be very expensive. Let’s say you pay between $150 US for a day of tuition, then of course there’s travel and possibly accommodation – it all adds up. How often can you justify that expense?

As a founding member of Stitch Club, you’ll never pay more than $27 US per month for as long as you choose to subscribe. For that price, you have access to an ongoing textile art education.

Think about it this way. If you decide to be a member for a year, you’ll pay $27 US a month for twelve months. In that year you’ll have access to 36 workshops led by amazingly inspirational textile artists from all around the world.

Even if you choose to only take part in a handful of the Stitch Club workshops in that year, you’re still getting pretty great value for money.

The equivalent cost of 36 in-person workshops could be over $5,000 US and that doesn’t include travel costs. And flying all over the world to take workshops with some of the tutors involved in Stitch Club just wouldn’t be an option.

Online learning is also better suited to catering for different levels of experience. Have you ever left a day’s working feeling inspired but a bit lost? Or unsure of how to bring a certain idea to reality. The beauty of the Stitch Club is you can follow up with the workshop leader and get feedback and answers for the entire week of their workshop.

So if you start stitching and hit a stumbling block, you’ll be able to seek guidance from the tutor and your fellow stitchers. And you can follow up as many times as you need with no social anxiety about raising your hand and asking ‘Can you explain that again please?’

Plus of course with online education, you have the benefit of a much wider sphere of influence than your average stitching circle. You’ll be able to chat with, learn from and share your challenges with fellow stitchers from all over the world.

  • There is so much uncertainty in the world right now. Is it the right time to start something new?

In some ways there has never been a better time to give yourself the gift of creativity. It provides an escape from the daily barrage of bad news and making time for yourself and your passions can be a great comfort.

But, as a member of the TextileArtist.org Community Stitch Club you’re not committing to a minimum membership. You’ll pay by direct debit month on month so if you find that life gets busy and you can no longer justify your membership, no worries! You can cancel at any time.

If your situation changes and you want to rejoin we’ll happily welcome you back.

  • How much does membership to Stitch Club cost in my local currency?

From Monday 18th of May until the end of this Friday 22nd May, we’re offering you the chance to be a founding member for the special discounted subscription price of just $27 US per month.

  • £22 UK pounds per month
  • $38 Canadian dollars per month
  • $42 Australian dollars per month
  • $45 New Zealand dollars per month
  • €25 Euros per month

Don't see your local currency? Click here and enter your currency to make the conversion.

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